Acts like a quidnunc crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Acts like a quidnunc

Clue Answer
Acts like a quidnunc MEDDLES
“Insufficient facts always invite danger, Captain" speaker SPOCK
Youngster who acts up IMP
Word with contracts or contractions LABOR
With 67-Across, musical acts that are a theme hint COVER
What the Senate acts as in an impeachment trial JURY
What record contracts hinge on SALES
Verifies facts Puzzle Page CHECKS
Type of clause included in some sports contracts (Hyph.) NOTRADE
The straight ___ (facts that aren't sugar-coated) DOPE
The facts of life? BIO
Student in a Contracts class, typically ONEL
Structure a beekeeper extracts honey from HIVE
Something that attracts attention EYECATCHER
Something that attracts a fish, such as a worm on a hook BAIT
Self-centred acts (3,5) EGOTRIPS
Reacts with obvious pleasure BEAMS
Reacts to yeast RISES
Reacts to slicing onions TEARS
Reacts to seeing a ghost, maybe PALES
Reacts to a yellow light SLOWS
Reacts to a punch REELS
Reacts in horror GASPS
Person who acts superior SNOB
Pause between the acts of a play INTERLUDE
On ___ (how some foolish acts are committed) ADARE

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