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Added up to crossword clue last update on Daily Pop Crosswords September 24 2020 basically, it is an puzzle that helps you play online game. We have given the solution of this clue below, this answer is used by many crossword lovers and help them solve puzzles. So far, this publisher's puzzle has reached more than a million users. And now the numbers seem to be getting higher and higher.

Crossword clues for Added up to

Clue Answer
Added up to TOTALED
What's added to "carte" ALA
What the letters added to the four "stirred" words in this puzzle spell FORK
What may be added to impress? IVE
Well-padded, as a turkey PLUMP
Under phrase added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 GOD
Something added to gasoline ODOR
Sleeveless padded jacket BODYWARMER
River worker ... or, if "C" is added, trade worker RAFTSMAN
Rideshare app that added a tipping option in 2017 UBER
Ref. that added "safe space" in 2020 OED
Quintet to which "y" is often added AEIOU
Powder sometimes added to milkshakes MALT
Phrase added on for emphasis NOLESS
Per, baby name that's far more popular when "a" is added to it ANN
Padded footstool OTTOMAN
One may be added to "rose" ACCENT
NO ADDED __ (common ramen notation) MSG
Name that becomes a number when "E" is added SVEN
Large padded sofa CHESTERFIELD
Japanese padded quilt FUTON
It becomes another instrument when "F" is added LUTE
Herb sometimes added to grappa RUE
Grp. that added North Macedonia in 2020 NATO
Gp. that sometimes has an added "Y" CSN
Give or take suffix ... that can be added to the end of 18-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across to form a sort of set ISH

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