Appointment crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Appointment

Clue Answer
Appointment DATE
Very disappointing turnout NOONE
Unhappy or disappointed UPSET
Thing of disappointing quality, in slang WEAKSAUCE
Supreme Court justice appointed between Sotomayor and Gorsuch KAGAN
Self-appointed pub experts BEERSNOBS
Rhyme and synonym of appoint ANOINT
Resentful or disappointed facial expression POUT
Prime minister appointed by Akihito ABE
President who appointed Justice Kagan OBAMA
Officer appointed from enlisted personnel NONCOM
Modern lead-in to a disappointed remark WELP
Disappointing words ITSANO
Disappointing response to an application DENIED
Disappointing match result LOSS
Disappointing grades Dees
Disappointing fireworks DUDS
Disappointing failure DUD
Disappointing LETTINGDOWN
Disappoint, with "down" LET
Disappoint LETDOWN
Court-appointed lawyers PUBLICDEFENDERS
Court appointee before Elena SONIA
Bubba appointed her RBG
Appoints Names
Appointee NOMINEE

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