Bad time for a vampire WSJ crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Bad time for a vampire WSJ

Clue Answer
Bad time for a vampire WSJ DAY
Very Bad Things and "Swingers" actor Jon FAVREAU
Take a bad turn GOSOUTH
Symbolic warning of bad things to come OMEN
One carried Sinbad to safety ROC
On bad terms ATODDS
Kind of rug that's bad to lose an earring in SHAG
It's usually bad to be served with one SUMMONS
It's bad to the bone BREAK
It can cause a bad trip LSD
Film technique " or a bad thing for it to get? PAN
Does bad things SINS
Does a bad turn? SPRAINS
Did I catch you ___ bad time?: 2 wds. ATA
Developer of 1982's E.T., a video game so bad that hundreds of thousands of unsold cartridges were secretly buried in a New Mexico landfill ATARI
Bad toupee RUG
Bad to the core ROTTEN
Bad to the bone EVIL
Bad tidings WOE
Bad things on motorists' records, for short DWIS
Bad thing to lose in a barn NEEDLE
Bad thing to leave at a crime scene DNA
Bad thing to get caught in THEACT
Bad thing to fall for SCAM
Bad thing to fall for TRAP
Bad thing to do in a buyer's market SELL

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