Bits of hair crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Bits of hair

Clue Answer
Bits of hair WISPS
___-Bits (letter-shaped cereal) ALPHA
___ habits die hard OLD
___ 'n Bits Meaty Middles (dog food brand) KIBBLES
Tree bits that break off easily TWIGS
Sushi bits WSJ ROE
Small bits of progress DENTS
Small bits of paint DABS
Old habits ___ hard DIE
Nasty habits WSJ VICES
Minute bits of water DROPS
Love to bits WSJ ADORE
Little bits of land ISLES
Little bits of energy ERGS
Kibbles 'n Bits competitor ALPO
Initial bits of progress TOEHOLDS
In bits and pieces, with "torn" ASUNDER
Habits or tendencies WAYS
Green bits of ornamentation SPRIGS
Glittery bits in the sky STARS
Exhibits grief SOBS
Exhibits brilliance WSJ GLOWS
Exhibits at an exhibition ART
Displaced bits of turf at the Masters DIVOTS
Diet regimen based on eating habits of early humans PALEO
Corn Bits In A Breakfast Bowl FLAKES

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