Church doctrine crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Church doctrine

Clue Answer
Church doctrine DOGMA
___ Catholic Church ROMAN
Zion Church letters: Abbr. AME
Yes! in church AMEN
Where to find a church ceiling? ABOVETHEFOLD
Where Stalin, Churchill and Truman met POTSDAM
When to give in, per Churchill NEVER
What the church's music director wanted to do? ACQUIREACHOIR
What members of the Church of the SubGenius parody religion claim to be descended from YETIS
What keeps the church singers healthy? CHORALHYGIENE
Weekly game at some churches BINGO
Trademark item for Groucho Marx or Winston Churchill CIGAR
Tolls, as a church bell PEALS
They scared Churchill, by his own admission UBOATS
The Catholic Church, informally ROME
Tapering structure on a church AREOLE
Suffix with movie or church GOER
Stick in a church INCENSE
Start of Churchill's definition of a fanatic ONEWHOCANT
St. ___ (common church name) ANNS
Sports movie with the line I believe in the Church of Baseball (2 wds.) BULLDURHAM
Soup served at the church social? AMENBROTH
Sound of church bells PEAL
Something to repent for in church SIN
Some church wear HATS
Some church contributions TITHES

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