Coin opening in a machine crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Coin opening in a machine

Clue Answer
Coin opening in a machine SLOT
You might toss a coin into it and make a wish WELL
Word by a coin slot INSERT
Wear away, as a coin surface EFFACE
Something made while tossing a coin in a fountain WISH
Soiree for fake coin makers? SLUGFEST
French coin from a time ago ECT
Former coin of Greece DRACHMA
Former coin in Cannes FRANC
Curbside coin collector METER
Coin worth less than a dime NICKEL
Coin with Franklin Roosevelt's face on it DIME
Coin with 12 stars on one side EURO
Coin whose obverse shows King Maha Vajiralongkorn BAHT
Coin toss decision HEADS
Coin toss FLIP
Coin receptacle WISHINGW
Coin producer MINT
Coin of Western Samoa TALA
Coin of small value CENTIMO
Coin of Minsk RUBLE
Coin of ancient Greece OBOLOS
Coin of Afghanistan PUL
Coin in Mexico PESO
Coin in Kolkata RUPEE
Coin flip call TAILS

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