Command for a right turn, in mushing NYT crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Command for a right turn, in mushing NYT

Clue Answer
Command for a right turn, in mushing NYT GEE
___-Alt-Del (computer command) CTRL
___ that order! ("Star Trek" command) BELAY
___ Collins, American astronaut who became the first woman to command a space shuttle mission in 1999 EILEEN
Without commander LEADERLESS
What to call Knight Commanders SIRS
Top-left PC command ESC
They're high in the chain of command HIERARCHS
The Ten Commandments director ___ B. DeMille CECIL
The Last Command actor Emil ___, who won the first Academy Award for Best Actor in 1929 JANNINGS
The Commandments (1956 biblical epic) TEN
Tenth Commandment verb COVET
Ten Commandments prophet MOSES
Target of a "maximum warp" command MRSULU
SWAT team command ... testing, testing ... aargh, try this clue: Begin successfully GETOFFTHEGROUND
Start of most of the Ten Commandments THOU
Stallone's commando character RAMBO
Special ___ (commando tactics) OPS
Southern commander Robert E. LEE
Sentry's command HALT
Seconds-in-command: Abbr. VPS
Second in command (Abbr.) ASST
Second in command DEPUTY
Reverse PC command UNDO
Repeated word in the Ten Commandments THYME
Recommandation du sommelier VIN

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