Possibole Clues for Lue

Clue Publisher
Subscripts on Scrabble tiles New York Times
Lessen in worth Thomas Joseph
Bottom color on the Eritrean flag USA Today
IBM's chess-playing computer Wall Street Journal
Turquoise cousin Eugene Sheffer
Color of robins' eggs Crosswords With Friends
"Island of the ___ Dolphins" (Scott O'Dell novel) Daily Pop Crosswords
Overly optimistic LA Times
Piercing eye hue New York Times
Hold dear LA Times
Hunt hint NewsDay
Fills (in) New York Times
Piece of police evidence Puzzle Page
Fallen apart, in a way NewsDay
It depends on a digit's position Universal
10, for Q and Z in Scrabble NY Times Mini
B.B. King genre LA Times
Model airplane builder's need Daily Pop Crosswords
Crossword constructor's chore LA Times
State crustacean of Maryland Universal
Tightly affixed New York Times
Smoke duct Universal
"___ Lamp", 1981 Stevie Nicks track from her album "Bella Donna" Daily Themed
Fireplace duct LA Times
What B. B. King was king of New York Times


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