Possibole Clues for Oral

Clue Publisher
Dental care brand (Hyph.) Daily Pop Crosswords
Type of medicine Daily Themed
Like medications that are taken by mouth USA Today
Presented aloud NewsDay
Like hygiene at a dentist's clinic Daily Themed
Atoll component Wall Street Journal
B preceder New York Times
Unwritten, perhaps Wall Street Journal
Earthly Eugene Sheffer
Conducted by talking NewsDay
Storybook endings, perhaps Wall Street Journal
Word before "compass" or "dilemma" Daily Themed
Word before "surgery" or "exam" Crosswords With Friends
Interview-style test Daily Themed
Exams that don't need pen and paper Crosswords With Friends
By ethical standards New York Times
Like stories during the Viking Age USA Today
Pep rally focus Wall Street Journal
Part of the Three Musketeers' credo LA Times
G-U-M rival LA Times
Tests not taken in silence USA Today
Hugo and Nebula Award winner for kids' novella (2003) NewsDay
Three Musketeers motto NewsDay
Exam that doesn't require pen or paper DT Mini
Unwritten test Daily Themed


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