Possibole Clues for Oes

Clue Publisher
Ocean ice sheets USA Today
"Smokey ___ Cafe" (Broadway revue whose cast recording won a Grammy) Daily Pop Crosswords
Gets sponsors and a salary, perhaps USA Today
Sounds heard in canyons New York Times
Low water testers NewsDay
First tribe encountered by Lewis and Clark Wall Street Journal
"___ that make sense?" Daily Pop Crosswords
Parts of the foot you can wiggle Crosswords With Friends
Socks cover them Crosswords With Friends
Stocking stuffers? Universal
Forgets what one was about to say Eugene Sheffer
Reverberates Universal
Ones at odds LA Times
Becomes insolvent New York Times
Tears down Wall Street Journal
Reasons to be miserable Daily Themed
Slender woods Wall Street Journal
Brogues, e.g. New York Times
2015 Owen Wilson thriller Wall Street Journal
"Easy __ it!'' NewsDay
High-pitched woodwinds Universal
Tools for weeds Universal
Ten below? NY Times Mini
Tavern frequented by Homer Simpson Wall Street Journal
Earth-turning tools Universal


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