Possibole Clues for Eorge

Clue Publisher
Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, that hosted the 2021 Open Championship (3 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
Original "Star Trek" actor who appeared in a 2014 "It Got Better" video discussing LGBTQ issues: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
"The Goldbergs'' grandfather NewsDay
41st president of the United States who owned a spaniel named Millie: 4 wds. Crosswords With Friends
Pioneering pollster NewsDay
___ Foreman, professional boxer who held the word heavyweight title twice between 1973 and 1995 Daily Themed
"Patton'' star (in 1971) NewsDay
Cartoon dad of Judy and Elroy (2 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
H.A. Rey monkey who made his big-screen debut in 2006 (2 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
NBA great who was often called the "Iceman" (2 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
Former Miss America who cohosted "The NFL Today" in the 1970s and 1980s: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
Writer of the 1985 "Sports Illustrated" April Fool's Day cover story 16-Across/22-Across (2 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
41st US president who received the Profile in Courage Award in 2014: 4 wds. Crosswords With Friends
___ Carlin, stand-up comedian and "Brain Droppings" author who rose to prominence in the '60s Daily Themed
"Seinfeld" character played by Jason Alexander: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
"Curious ___," 2006 animated movie which features the voice of Dick Van Dyke as Mr. Bloomsberry Daily Themed
20 Across opponent (1864) NewsDay
Elroy and Judy's father in a classic cartoon about a futuristic family: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
41st US president (1989-1993) who was on the varsity baseball team at Yale: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
Patron saint of England NewsDay
"Oh, God!" and "The Sunshine Boys" actor who lived to be 100: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
Long-running fictional hero who made his debut in "Call for the Dead" New York Times
Founder/owner/coach who won eight NFL titles in four decades with the 40-Across (3 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords
Star Trek actor who came out of the closet in 2005 at age 68: 2 wds. Crosswords With Friends
Comedian who hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live on October 11 1975 (2 wds.) Daily Pop Crosswords


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