Possibole Clues for Appa

Clue Publisher
Seeming New York Times
Horrifies NewsDay
Scouring aid Thomas Joseph
Letter on a gold key NewsDay
Where thoughts can be organized LA Times
Greatly dismay or horrify Mirror Quick
Dad, in Korean USA Today
Phi Beta ___ Crosswords With Friends
Letter after iota Wall Street Journal
Communist party systems New York Times
Cast celebration at the end of filming New York Times
Horse with a spotted coat LA Times
Arc'teryx offering Wall Street Journal
Greek "K" NY Times Mini
Spotted breed of horse Universal
New York's ___ Zee Bridge Universal
Garb Universal
Phantom Metro
... the mummy was a hit ___ NYT New York Times
Shocked New York Times
Lambda follows it Wall Street Journal
Shock Wall Street Journal
Frank of the Mothers of Invention New York Times
It appears that Mirror Quick
Sorority letter NewsDay


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