Possibole Clues for Ape

Clue Publisher
Professor Severus ___ from "Harry Potter" Daily Themed
It beats rock, in a game LA Times
Use an e-cigarette Universal
It can follow land or sea LA Times
Paintings with water colors? Universal
Big brutes NewsDay
Climber's goal Wall Street Journal
Arrange, as a toga Universal
Ill-proportioned New York Times
*Gorilla, for instance Universal
Fitness magazine LA Times
Part of a Dracula costume NewsDay
Parrots Wall Street Journal
Primatology subject Wall Street Journal
Printing predicament New York Times
Gorilla or chimpanzee, for example Crosswords With Friends
What an aspiring rapper may hawk Universal
Suspend Wall Street Journal
Forested expanse NewsDay
Imitative artist NewsDay
Go ___ over (be very enthusiastic about) Crosswords With Friends
Very tall building Mirror Quick
Animal hidden in "banana peel" USA Today
Cereal with the Flintstones as spokestoons USA Today
Type of pepper often served on nachos Crosswords With Friends


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