Possibole Clues for Rala

Clue Publisher
Pick and choose from a menu USA Today
Refrain syllables Wall Street Journal
Singsong sounds Wall Street Journal
Pizza size for a big group Universal
Skipping syllables? New York Times
Entertaining Thomas Joseph
Singing syllables LA Times
Gaily sung syllables New York Times
Construction worker's "Don't"? LA Times
Refrain from singing Wall Street Journal
Carol refrain Universal
UN unit NewsDay
Lyrical filler NewsDay
United Nations gathering (6 to 10) Universal
Refrain excerpt Wall Street Journal
Happy refrain New York Times
Merry refrain Crossword Champ Easy
Items in 18" x 18" x 1 3/4" boxes New York Times
Dispute about what to plant in the garden? Universal
Musical syllables New York Times
Syllables sung while skipping, perhaps Universal
Nonsensical chorus Crossword Champ Pro
Song refrain LA Times
Song syllables LA Times
Like aromatic, weather-resistant plants? LA Times


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