Expected crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Expected

Clue Answer
Expected DUE
___ tight (wait expectantly) SIT
What's your? ("When can I expect you?") (Abbr.) ETA
Tense expectation SUSPENSE
Tending to expect the worst PESSIMISTIC
Please don't expect any more from me IMTRYINGMY
Optimist's expectations HOPES
It's what you would expect NORM
He lived ___ my expectations: 2 wds. UPTO
Had high expectations HOPED
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for one NOVEL
Expecting: ___ng HOPI
Expectant time EVE
Expect wishfully HOPE
Expect something or somebody AWAIT
Eagerly expectant AGOG
Didn't expect to see you here! (2 wds.) OHHI
Didn't expect that OHOH
Compromise on your expectations SETTLEFORLESS
Class for expectant mothers LAMAZE
Cause to expect BODE
Beyond expectations OFFTHECHARTS
Bettor expectations PAYOUTS
"___ been expecting this" IVE
"You expect me to believe that?": 2 wds. IBET
"Wow, I ___ not expecting that!" WAS

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