Flower parts crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Flower parts

Clue Answer
Flower parts STEMS
[[IMAGE]](Lily plants with bell-shaped flowers) SEGOS
Yellow flowers in the primrose family NYT OXLIPS
Yellow flowers BUTTERCUPS
Yellow flower DANDELION
Writing that's both flowery and thoughtful? DEEPPURPLEPROSE
Windflower ANEMONE
Wildflower with spiky, purplish blooms HEDG
Wildflower habitats MEADOWS
Wildflower habitat FEN
Where van Gogh did ''Sunflowers'' ARLES
What wilting flowers do LEAN
What fresh flowers do eventually WILT
Vibrant flowers VIOLETS
Utah state flower SEGO
Unopened flower BUD
Try to romance with flowers and candy, say WOO
Trumpet-shaped flower AZALEA
Tropical flowers VERBENAS
Trees with blue-green flowers? TEALMAGNOLIAS
Toyota model named for a flower part COROLLA
Timber flaw resembling flowers STARSHAKE
Thorny flower ROSE
Thistlelike flowers TEASELS
Thin-petalled flowers DAISIES
The ___ of Being a Wallflower (2012 Emma Watson film) PERKS

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