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Crossword clues for Follow secretly

Clue Answer
Follow secretly SHADOW
___ Up 2014 biographical drama film co-produced by Mick Jagger that follows the life of soul singer James Brown: 2 wds. GETON
___ the line (follow the rules) TOE
___ the Dark My Love dark fantasy novel by Beth Revis which follows the story of a young alchemist GIVE
___ Shui (practice Followed By Some Architects) FENG
___ Ronaldo Portuguese soccer player who is the most followed athlete on Instagram with over 238 million followers CRISTIANO
___ note to follow sew' ("Do Re Mi" lyrics): 2 wds. LAA
___ Mungo, 2008 Australian found footage film that follows a family's experiences after losing their daughter LAKE
___ Jr. Brazilian soccer player who is one of the most followed athletes on Instagram with over 142 million followers NEYMAR
___ Girl 2014 psychological thriller directed by David Fincher that follows a man who becomes a suspect after his wife disappears GONE
___ Driver 1976 psychological thriller directed by Martin Scorsese that follows a veteran planning multiple assassinations TAXI
___ Boss reality TV series that follows the operations of Carlo's Bake Shop and is hosted by Buddy Valastro CAKE
___ Beckham British soccer player who is one of the most followed athletes on Instagram with over 64 million followers DAVID
___ Activity, 2007 found footage film that follows the lives of a couple with a supernatural presence in their home PARANORMAL
__-Z: Millennials’ followers GEN
Zwei follower DREI
Young follower? STER
You're welcome can follow it, abbr. TKS
You might follow one outside PATH
Yes or no follower SIREE
Yes or no follow-up WSJ SIRREE
Yankee follower WSJ ZULU
Wye follower ZEE
WWW follower DOT
Words that sometimes follow 1-Across ITSASECRET
Words often followed by "It's no big deal" OHTHAT

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