German-based grocery chain crossword clue

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Crossword clues for German-based grocery chain

Clue Answer
German-based grocery chain ALDI
___-Benz automobile brand based out of Germany which is the largest seller of luxury cars MERCEDES
___ Vettel German whose F1 2019 standing was number 5 SEBASTIAN
___ Schumacher retired German racer who is the only racer in history to win seven Formula One World Drivers' Championships MICHAEL
___ Boss (German fashion house) HUGO
__ Kohl, first chancellor of reunified Germany HELMUT
[[IMAGE]](German composer Johann Sebastian ___) BACH
WWWI German admiral SPEE
With 66-Across, German philosopher buried in London's Highgate Cemetery KARL
With 20-Across, German tennis player who defeated Serena Williams in the 2018 Wimbledon final ANGELIQUE
With 106-Down, German Dadaist MAX
What Germans call Merkel ANGIE
W.W. II German general Rommel ERWIN
Upscale German cars AUDIS
Upscale German cars BMWS
Translation of the French "vivre" or German "leben" TOLIVE
Swiss city with suburbs in Germany and France BASEL
Start of a German count EINS
Sports car that has two syllables in German PORSCHE
Some German cars, for short VWS
Soap brand that, despite the name, originated in Germany IRISHSPRING
Sebastian ___, German driver who drives for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1 VETTEL
Schweinsteiger German footballer who played for Chicago Fire in MLS and was one of the highest paid MLS players in 2019 BASTIAN
River of Germany NYT EDER
River across the French/German border SAR
Rich German cake TORTE

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