Grains in most breads? crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Grains in most breads?

Clue Answer
Grains in most breads? SALT
___-in-the-bone (deeply ingrained) BRED
___-Grain (cereal bar brand) NUTRI
Wood with interlocking grain ELM
Whiskey grain RYE
Weed in a grain field TARE
Trees with coarse-grained wood ELMS
Tool for cutting with the grain RIPSAW
They may be taken with grains of salt TEQUILOTS
The drip coffee tasted grainy because they ... LACKEDAFILTER
Sweetened parched grain PINOLE
Separate grain from chaff WINNOW
Separate grain from THRESH
Retired NFL wide receiver whose last name is a kind of grain: 2 wds. JERRYRICE
Old World grain SPELT
Non-allergenic grain MILLET
Name that becomes a grain if you move its first letter to the end ERIC
Make into bundles, as grain SHEAVE
Made of a certain grain OATEN
Like a grainy pic LORES
High-protein grain QUINOA
Ground grain MEAL
Grains in a golf course trap SAND
Grains for grinding GRISTS

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