In a fitting way crossword clue

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Crossword clues for In a fitting way

Clue Answer
In a fitting way APTLY
“The ___ of the House of Usher,” gothic short story by Edgar Allan Poe which is about two ailing siblings living in a strange mansion FALL
“Anago” in a sushi restaurant: 2 wds. SEAEEL
____ rally (event held in a high school gym) PEP
____ port in a storm ANY
___ town (leave in a hurry) SKIP
___ to leap tall buildings in a single bound ABLE
___ someone's heart (gain a person's love) WIN
___ salt in a wound (make someone feel even worse) RUB
___ Poets Society drama film set in a fictional boarding school Welton Academy starring Robin Williams DEAD
___ out (roll an opening 2, 3, or 12, in a casino dice game) CRAP
___ note (explanation in a dictionary) USAGE
___ in a poke APIG
___ in a blue moon ONCE
___ Gandolfini, Actor Of "The Sopranos" Who Won The Emmy Award For Lead Actor In A Drama Series In 2000 JAMES
___ Dimity's Death (first volume in a mystery series by Nancy Atherton) AUNT
___ detector (safety item in a home) SMOKE
___ Dead 2004 action horror film about human survivors in a zombie apocalypse directed by Zack Snyder (birthday today): 3 wds. DAWNOFTHE
___ card (chip in a smartphone) SIM
___ and then (once in a while) NOW
___ America, 2003 Miniseries Starring Al Pacino For Which He Won An Emmy For Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Series: 2 Wds. ANGELSIN
___ Alda actor who won the Primetime Emmy for Oustanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series for The West Wing in 2006 ALAN
__ trick: hockey player's three goals in a game HAT
__ hash: served in a diner SLUNG
__ carotene (vitamin A source) BETA
[[IMAGE]](Where water is found in a desert) OASIS

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