In conclusion crossword clue

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Crossword clues for In conclusion

Clue Answer
In conclusion LASTLY
___l bonds are used in court BAI
___ the roost (be in complete control) RULE
___ sterling, official currency of the United Kingdom which is also the oldest currency in continuous use POUND
___ Spunkmeyer (cookie and muffin company) OTIS
___ Ness (Kevin Costner's role in "The Untouchables") ELIOT
___ nerve (retina-brain connector) OPTIC
___ Lauder (big name in cosmetics) ESTEE
___ Freeman winner of the 1990 Golden Globe for Best Actor in Comedy or Musical for his work in Driving Miss Daisy MORGAN
___ Cup (1996 Kevin Costner golf movie) TIN
___ by the Dozen (Steve Martin comedy about a large family) CHEAPER
___ Boy (gin cocktail) ATTA
___ bargain (deal in court) PLEA
___ a plea (bargains in court) COPS
__ acids: protein components AMINO
Zin cousin CHARD
Yin counterpart YANG
Year part, in college Semester
Yastrzemski in Cooperstown CARL
Wyatt - (Kevin Costner movie) EARP
Word used in conjunction with "nor" NEITHER
Word interpreted literally in completing four of this puzzle's answers LONG
With no discernible delay, in computer processing REALTIME
With 68-Across, baked dishes that might contain corn chips TACO
Williams in Cooperstown TED
Wilder's Young Frankenstein co-star GARR

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