Ingredient in a lactose-free latte crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Ingredient in a lactose-free latte

Clue Answer
Ingredient in a lactose-free latte SOY
___ shoots (salad ingredient) PEA
___ salt (seasoning ingredient) SEA
___ butter (moisturizer ingredient from an African nut) SHEA
Yorkshire pudding ingredient PLAINFLOUR
With 43-Across, some perfume ingredients ROSE
Weed ingredient, briefly THC
Varnish ingredient LAC
Unusual ingredient in some beef dishes COWTONGUE
Unagi Pie ingredient EEL
Trendy oil ingredient derived from marijuana CBD
Trail mix ingredients NUTS
Together with lemonade, one of two ingredients in a shandy BEER
Thanksgiving gravy ingredients GIBLETS
Tartar sauce ingredient CAPERS
Tapenade ingredient OLIVE
Taco ingredient Tortilla
Sunscreen Ingredient: Abbr. PABA
Sukiyaki ingredient ENOKI
Succotash ingredient LIMABEAN
Stuffing ingredient SAGE
Stir-fry ingredients, often BAMBOOSHOOTS
Steel ingredient Iron
Steam pudding ingredient SUET
Steak tartare ingredient RAWEGG
Spicy ingredient in sriracha CHILI

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