Jupiter or Mars crossword clue

This crossword clue Jupiter or Mars was discovered last seen in the September 15 2021 at the New York Times Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 3 letters. This answers first letter of which starts with G and can be found at the end of D. We think GOD is the possible answer on this clue.

Crossword clues for Jupiter or Mars

Clue Answer
Jupiter or Mars GOD
Zeus : Greek :: Jupiter : ___ ROMAN
With 1-Down, Jupiter or Saturn GAS
Nymph who divulged Jupiter's affair with Juturna, in Ovid LARA
Nearly 12 of these pass on Earth for every one on Jupiter YEARS
Mother of Jupiter Neptune and Pluto WSJ OPS
Mercury and Jupiter e.g. DEI
Mars, to Jupiter SON
Like Jupiter or Saturn GASSY
Jupiter, exempli gratia DEUS
Jupiter, e.g. Planet
Jupiter's wife JUNO
Jupiter's is 4,333 Earth days long YEAR
Jupiter has 79 MOONS
Jupiter Ascending star Kunis MILA
Great feature of Jupiter that's actually a centuries-long storm REDSPOT
God of sky and thunder from Greek mythology whose Roman counterpart is Jupiter ZEUS
Gas that comes down as rain on Jupiter NEON
Galileo, for Jupiter, e.g. PROBE
Discoverer of Jupiter's four largest moons GALILEO
Daughter of Metis and Jupiter, in Roman myth MINERVA
Creatures from Jupiter or Venus, maybe: Abbr. ETS
Companion of Io, Ganymede and Callisto among Jupiter's moons EUROPA
Another name for Jupiter JOVE
2001: A Space ___ 1968 epic science fiction film which follows a sentient computer’s voyage to Jupiter ODYSSEY

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