Kick out crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Kick out

Clue Answer
Kick out BOOT
___ legs, what horses kick with HIND
Word with kick or cut SCISSOR
Wilma Flintstone sidekick at a tanning salon? BROWNBETTY
When many kick back WEEKENDS
Wayne's sidekick in old "S.N.L." skits GARTH
Video game sidekick who wears a green cap LUIGI
Sidekick of the Green Hornet KATO
Sidekick for the Lone Ranger TONTO
Sidekick for a mall Santa ELF
Raggedy Ann sidekick at the hardware store? HANDYANDY
Night to kick off the weekend for short FRI
Monkey sidekick of Aladdin ABU
Lilo sidekick at an anger management class? CROSSSTITCH
Kick ___ fuss: 2 wds. UPA
Kick starter? SIDE
Kick start? KAY
Kick oneself for REGRET
Kick off START
Kick it up a ___ (make things more exciting) NOTCH
Kick in ADD
Kick back RELAX
Kick back CHILL
Inspector Gadget sidekick at the beauty salon? PRETTYPENNY
Gomez Addams sidekick at the theater? PLAYTHING

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