Knock-down-drag-out fights NYT crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Knock-down-drag-out fights NYT

Clue Answer
Knock-down-drag-out fights NYT SLUGFESTS
___ Smith American boxer who won 120 matches by knockout BUCK
[That knocked the wind out of me!] OOF
Word that sounds like "orange" in a classic knock-knock joke ARENT
With 9-Down, response to a knock at the door ITS
When Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson, in a classic 1990 bout TENTHROUND
Tony Orlando and ___ (Knock Three Times singers) DAWN
Sound of knocking at a door RATATATTAT
Slangy response to a knock at the door WHODAT
Shout accompanying knocking LETMEIN
Setups for knockout punches LA Times JABS
Reply to a knock ITSOPEN
Rat-a-___ (repetitive knocking sound) TAT
Pretend to be knocked out TAKEAFALL
Pet that stereotypically knocks things off tables CAT
Paradoxical response to a door knock IMNOTHERE
Ovoid collectible knockoff FAUXBERGE
One might start with "Knock knock" JOKE
Old knockout? ETHER
Old IBM product knockoffs PCCLONES
Luis Paramo Mexican boxer nicknamed ___ Azteca who won 114 matches by knockout KID
Looked over before knocking over CASED
Like knockoff goods FAKE
Knocks over, as a house of cards TOPPLES
Knocks over with car (4,4) RUNSDOWN
Knocks down* RAISES

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