Lemon relative crossword clue

This post solved for Lemon relative crossword clue. This clue is found from regularly updated the publisher of USA Today crossword. However, this can be extremely challenging for beginners puzzle fans. But you can complete the puzzle if you try, because millions of people have tried and completed it. We can give you some tips for go ahead and develop, such as these clue can be a person name, place, event and much more. The good news is take the solution from the answer box below.

Crossword clues for Lemon relative

Clue Answer
Lemon relative LIME
___ peasy lemon squeezy EASY
___ Palmer (drink made with lemonade and iced tea) ARNOLD
___ life gives you lemons… WHEN
___ Lemon, Tina Fey's "30 Rock" role LIZ
___ Hard Lemonade (beverage brand) MIKES
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade outlook OPTIMISM
Vinegar and lemon juice ACIDS
Together with lemonade, one of two ingredients in a shandy BEER
The ___, documentary style business reality TV series which is presented by Marcus Lemonis and that has a spin-off series named "The Partner" PROFIT
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake writer Bender AIMEE
Sugar-free lemon-lime soda SPRITEZERO
Suffix for "lemon" or "Gator" ADE
Source of lemons GROVE
Singer with the 2016 #1 album "Lemonade" BEYONCE
Sharp-tasting like lemon juice ACIDIC
Raspberry or lemon desserts SORBETS
Pledge drive featuring Clarence Clemons wailing on his instrument? SAXAPPEAL
Mixed drink with lemon or lime juice SOU
Middle Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's books KLAUS
Like pistachios and lemons OVOID
Like lemons and limes SOUR
Lemony Snicket's ___ Unfortunate Events American black comedy-drama co-developed by Mark Hudis which stars Neil Patrick Harris: 3 wds. ASERIESOF
Lemony Snicket series girlfriend ESME
Lemons have big ones DEFECTS
Lemonlike fruit CITRON

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