Lost color crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Lost color

Clue Answer
Lost color PALED
___ Gray former baseball outfielder who was inducted into the Baseball Reliquary's Shrine of the Eternals despite having lost his arm PETE
___ crazy (lost one's mind) WENT
___ better to have loved and lost ... TIS
___ a fuse (lost one's temper) BLEW
Word found carved at Roanoke's Lost Colony CROATOAN
Was lost in thought MUSED
Utopia in "Lost Horizon” SHANGRILA
Typically lost items that are "found" in the starts of 16-, 24-, 45- and 57-Across KEYS
They may be lost or sold SOULS
The ___ of Gondolin one of the original Lost Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien which is about a secret city of elves in the First Age of Middle-earth FALL
The Lost ___: Jurassic Park, 1997 Science Fiction Film Starring Julianne Moore And Jeff Goldblum WORLD
The Lost ___ (first book in a Rick Riordan fantasy series) HERO
Texas MLB team that lost to the Rays in the 2020 ALCS ASTROS
Table showing teams' won-lost records STANDINGS
Swedish tennis great who lost to 25-Across in the 1987 French Open and US Open (2 wds.) MATSWILANDER
Snake in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ASP
Singer who lost her $? KESHA
Sicilian town that lost a bell to Fascists, in literature ADANO
She lost to D.J.T. in the '16 election HRC
Roger lost to him at Wimbledon in 2019 NOVAK
Result of a lost feed DEADA
Regains lost ground CATCHESUP
Recovers (lost items) FINDS
Raiders of the Lost ___ 1981 adventure film which was one of the highest grossing movies of the 1980s ARK

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