Marina boats crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Marina boats

Clue Answer
Marina boats YACHTS
___ Troi ("Star Trek: The Next Generation" character played by Marina Sirtis) DEANNA
Where mariners go TOSEA
Voracious marine fish BARRACUDA
United States Marine Band director from 1880 to 1892 SOUSA
Tusked marine mammal NARWHAL
Tomato often used for marinara sauce ROMA
The ___ for Red October 1990 American submarine spy-thriller film which is based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name starring Sean Connery HUNT
The Fast and Furious actor who plays a Marine turned supersoldier in 42-Across (2 wds.) VINDIESEL
Suffix with peri which is a submarine's binoculars SCOPE
Submarine's viewer periscope
Submarine weapon TORPEDO
Submarine staple WSJ SALAMI
Submarine sandwiches HEROS
Submarine sandwich HERO
Submarine missiles TORPEDOS
Submarine detector: Abbr. SONAR
Submarine HOAGIE
Spicy marinade ADOBO
SoCal locale in a 1987 Cheech Marin title EASTLA
Smart-mouthed, in a "marinara" way SAUCY
Site of the world's largest marine protected area ROSSSEA
Shelled marine animal CLAM
Shell-less marine invertebrate SEASLUG
Sci-fi submariner NEMO
San Marino's surroundings ITALY

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