Micronesian island country crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Micronesian island country

Clue Answer
Micronesian island country PALAU
Word repeated into a microphone TEST
William Henry Gates co-founder of Microsoft Corporation III
Where a hands-free microphone might be attached LAPEL
Warming in the microwave ZAPPING
Use a microwave on ZAP
Suffix for "micro" or "stetho" SCOPE
South Pacific microstate NAURU
Some Microwave Ovens: Abbr. GES
Snack with a recommended microwave time of just three seconds POPTART
Smaller than micro- NANO
Scrutinize using, as a microscope PEERINTO
Programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems JAVA
Possible result of microwaving fast food without unpacking it? TOASTEDBAG
Part of the erstwhile Microsoft Student suite ENCARTA
Orange microwavable Kraft product (2 wds.) EASYMAC
Mount Rainier's Native American name ... and a Microsoft typeface TAHOMA
Microwaves: slang ZAPS
Microwaves again Reheats
Microwaved NUKED
Microwave: slang NUKE
Microwave signals BEEPS
Microwave setting THAW
Microwave displays TIMERS
Microwave device MASER
Microwave device OVEN

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