Performed crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Performed

Clue Answer
Performed DID
___ Valli singer of Big Girls Don't Cry who often sang falsetto while performing with his band FRANKIE
___ Turner, Singer Whose Performance Of "What's Love Got To Do With It" On SNL Is Considered One Of The Best On The Show TINA
___ Sabbath English rock band whose song Iron Man won the 2000 Grammy for Best Metal Performance BLACK
___ queen (performer such as RuPaul) DRAG
___ Osbourne artist whose song I Don't Want to Change the World won the 1994 Grammy for Best Metal Performance OZZY
___ of strength (what weightlifters perform) FEATS
___ Maiden English heavy metal band whose song El Dorado won the 2011 Grammy for Best Metal Performance IRON
___ Love, song by Mariah Carey for which she won the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: 2 wds. VISIONOF
___ Hurts song by Lizzo that won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2020 TRUTH
___ Efron, actor of "High School Musical" trilogy who attended Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts ZAC
___ drop (gesture to end a great performance) MIC
___ bang-up job (perform really well): 2 wds. DOA
___ Awards (acting trophies given annually by a performers' union): Abbr. SAG
___ Against the Machine rock band whose song Tire Me won the 1997 Grammy for Best Metal Performance RAGE
___ & Garfunkel, Duo Whose Performance Of "My Little Town" On SNL Is Considered One Of The Best On The Show SIMON
__ through (perform as hoped) COME
__ game (pitcher's prime performance) NOHIT
[[IMAGE]](Where animals perform) CIRCUS
Youngest performer to win six Grammys in one night ADELE
Word shouted during a flamenco performance OLE
Word after "performance" or "latte" ART
Woefully underperforms BOMBS
Wizard of Oz plot device, or a reason for a performance? TORNADO
What a person in trouble -- or performing on stage -- wants HAND
What a karaoke performer may do BUTCHERASONG

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