Playground levers crossword clue

This post solved for Playground levers crossword clue. This clue is found from regularly updated the publisher of USA Today crossword. However, this can be extremely challenging for beginners puzzle fans. But you can complete the puzzle if you try, because millions of people have tried and completed it. We can give you some tips for go ahead and develop, such as these clue can be a person name, place, event and much more. The good news is take the solution from the answer box below.

Crossword clues for Playground levers

Clue Answer
Playground levers SEESAWS
___ says (playground game) SIMON
This ___ to Be My Playground (Madonna song in "A League of Their Own") USED
Tell the playground monitor TATTLE
Start of a playground joke YOMAMA
Simple playground game TAG
Simon ___ (playground game) SAYS
Playground yell WHEE
Playground wheels TRIKE
Playground seat or a dance style SWING
Playground scrape OWIE
Playground rhyme starter EENY
Playground retort to "Are not!" AMTOO
Playground retort AMSO
Playground retort CANSO
Playground retort ISNOT
Playground retort ARESO
Playground rebuttal IAMSO
Playground item TEETERTOTTER
Playground issue TEASING
Playground game with a rope and a pole TETHERBALL
Playground fixture SEESAW
Playground fixture Slide
Playground equipment SWINGS
Playground "germ" COOTIE
Hide-and-___ (playground game) SEEK

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