Response that could be "wild" or "educated" crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Response that could be "wild" or "educated"

Clue Answer
Response that could be "wild" or "educated" GUESS
___ reaction (instinctive response) GUT
___ of the above (survey response) ALL
You may ___ on it (possible response from a Magic 8 Ball) RELY
You all right? response: 2 wds. IMOK
Worker with responsibilities CHARGEHAND
With 9-Down, response to a knock at the door ITS
Who's there? response ITSME
who would've thought?' response NOTME
What gravitation isn't responsible for, according to Einstein FALLINGINLOVE
What a 5 Down might respond to APB
Web-based correspondence EMAIL
Unresponsive state COMA
Unresponsive INERT
Uninformative response to "What's new?" NOTMUCH
Unimpressed response MEH
Type of question with two unambiguous possible responses: Hyph. YESNO
TV correspondent Marsh RENE
Thumbs-up responses OKAYS
Tentatively positive response ITHINKIDO
Take responsibility for a bad situation OWNIT
Take responsibility for OWN
Take on, as responsibilities ASSUME
Swearing-in response: 2 wds. IDO
Suddenly stop responding to texts GHOST
Start of a "Jeopardy!" response when the answer is a person WHO

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