Sets (against) NYT crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Sets (against) NYT

Clue Answer
Sets (against) NYT PITS
___ worth (value of one's financial assets minus debts) NET
Where assets might be listed PLUSCOLUMN
Walk-___ (closets or customers) INS
Sports strategies that go awry, and a hint to what's split across the sets of starred answers BROKENPLAYS
Sets words to a beat, say RAPS
Sets with LCD screens HDTVS
Sets upright ERECTS
Sets upon ATTACKS
Sets up ahead of time, in jargon PRERIGS
Sets up a hook JABS
Sets up (for) GROOMS
Sets to zero, in a way TARES
Sets straight TRUES
Sets straight ALIGNS
Sets sail EMBARKS
Sets on the attack SICS
Sets off, as a fire alarm TRIPS
Sets of points in math LOCI
Sets of eight pieces OCTETS
Sets loose SMELLS
Sets in semis CBS
Sets in motion ACTIVATES
Sets free LOOSES
Sets fire to TORCHES

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