Sharply hit ball crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Sharply hit ball

Clue Answer
Sharply hit ball LINER
___ up (sharply accelerate) REV
___ Adams actress of Sharp Objects AMY
[[IMAGE]](Tool for tuning and sharpening of saw blades (2 wds)) SAWSET
With 109-Across, sharp decline SWAN
Visually sharp, perhaps INHD
Veer sharply SWERVE
Veer sharply ZAG
Turns sharply VEERS
Turn sharply VEER
Turn sharply SLUE
Turn sharply ANGLE
Tugging sharply YANKING
Tug sharply yank
Tool-sharpening aid OILSTONE
Tool with sharp teeth SAW
Thy sharp teeth referent ASP
Symbol before the sharps and flats on a musical staff CLEF
Sudden, sharp pain TWINGE
Stretched out like a sharpshooter PRONE
Speaks sharply BARKS
Sight sharpener LASIK
Sharpshooter’s asset AIM
Sharpshooters' aids SCOPES
Sharpshooter Oakley ANNIE
Sharply punched JABBED

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