Silent performer crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Silent performer

Clue Answer
Silent performer MIME
___ Shepard, silent film actress of "The Sergeant" IVA
___ of silence (what some monks take) VOW
___ Naldi American silent film actress NITA
Worry in silence STEW
What follows Silent night holy night.. in the popular Christmas carol: 3 wds. ALLISCALM
Wallace of silents REID
Third word of Silent Night HOLY
The ___ of Silence song by Simon & Garfunkel that originally appeared on their debut album Wednesday Morning 3 A.M. SOUND
The Eye of Silence painter ERNST
Superseder of a silent TALKIE
Sunrise: ___ of Two Humans, 1927 silent romantic drama that won the first Academy Award for Best Cinematography in 1929: 2 wds. ASONG
Sudden silence HUSH
Sing silently, in a way LIPSYNC
Silents vamp Bara THEDA
Silento dance move NAENAE
Silently signals "hello" WAVES
Silently propel OAR
Silently bids adieu WAVESBYE
Silently acknowledges NODSTO
Silent-letter song HYMN
Silent-letter pest GNAT
Silent-letter obligation DEBT
Silent-letter landmasses ISLES
Silent-letter landmass ISLE
Silent-letter hymn PSALM

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