Stack of hay or straw crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Stack of hay or straw

Clue Answer
Stack of hay or straw RICK
___ farming modern farming method in which fruits and vegetables are grown in stacked layers VERTICAL
Untidy stacks HEAPS
TV host Katie who set a donut-stacking world record NOLAN
They're made up of stacked sheets LAYERCAKES
They may be stacked in a kitchen cabinet POTS
Starbucks stack CUPS
Staples stack WSJ PADS
Stacks together like Tupperware NESTS
Stacks of firewood PILES
Stacked together like Tupperware NESTED
Stacked in a heap PILED
Stackable cookies OREOS
Stackable cookie OREO
Stack topper SYRUP
Stack of 52 cards DECK
Stack like matryoshka dolls NEST
Stack in a till TENS
Stack by a kettle TEABAGS
Stack at a shower PRESENTS
Soup kitchen stack BOWLS
Smokestack buildup SOOT
Restaurant stack MENUS
Record executive's stack DEMOTAPES
Random stack PILE
Projectionist's stack REELS

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