Take a good look (at) crossword clue

Take a good look (at) crossword clue last update on Daily Pop Crosswords September 24 2020 basically, it is an puzzle that helps you play online game. We have given the solution of this clue below, this answer is used by many crossword lovers and help them solve puzzles. So far, this publisher's puzzle has reached more than a million users. And now the numbers seem to be getting higher and higher.

Crossword clues for Take a good look (at)

Clue Answer
Take a good look (at) PEER
___-drive (take a new car for a spin) TEST
___ tour (what a group might take through a museum) GUIDED
___ Speedwagon rock band of Take It on the Run REO
___ out of (chooses not to take part in) OPTS
___ mistake (erred): 2 wds. MADEA
___ him an inch and he'll take a mile GIVE
___ a guess (take a shot in the dark) HAZARD
__ take time ITLL
_ no hurry take your time 2 wds IMIN
You Should Take The Day ___ (go On Leave) OFF
You might take them down STEPS
You Can't Take It With You director, 1938 CAPRA
You can make them take turns, and a description of the circled letters SPINNINGTOPS
Word repeated in Hozier's "Take Me to Church" AMEN
Word game where players take turns adding a letter GHOST
Word after "take it" or before "does it" Easy
Word after "take a" or "take the" STAND
Where you might take a date? PALM
Where to take the plunge? DEEPEND
Where roots take hold SOIL
Where buccaneers take their booty? SWAGHARBOR
What you should take dubious advice with GRAINOFSALT
What might take a while? ERST
What can take a punch? NYT LADLE
What a future attorney must now take by tablet, for short LSAT

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