Uncle ___ crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Uncle ___

Clue Answer
Uncle ___ SAM
___ a monkey's uncle! (2 wds.) ILLBE
Uncles, in Spain TIOS
Uncles' wives AUNTS
Unclear, as some videos GRAINY
Unclear (of meaning) AMBIGUOUS
Unclear MUDDY
Unclean DIRTY
Uncle, in Spanish tio
Uncle's wife AUNT
Uncle's son COUSIN
The Lion King uncle SCAR
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air uncle PHIL
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Speaking unclearly, as when drunk SLURRING
Speak unclearly SLUR
Speak unclearly MUTTER
Seinfeld uncle LEO
Reuben's uncle ESAU
Professor Ludwig ___ Drake (Donald Duck's uncle) VON
Out Of ___ (unclear) FOCUS
Makes unclean DIRTIES
Like an unclean hearth ASHY
Inverness uncles EMES
Hailey Baldwin's uncle ALEC
Gray ___ (unclear territory) AREA

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