Under the weather crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Under the weather

Clue Answer
Under the weather ILL
____ under the collar, angry HOT
___-med (undergraduate program for a future doctor) PRE
___ Zuckerberg, Co-founder Of Facebook Who Was Time "Person Of The Year" In 2010 MARK
___ Thunder (action-film satire starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black) TROPIC
___ the light (finally understood) SAW
___ noted (I understand) DULY
___ moment (flash of understanding) AHA
___ Ma, Chinese business magnate who is the co-founder of Alibaba group JACK
___ Lorentzon, Swedish entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Spotify MARTIN
___ Lavigne, Under My Skin Singer Who Won The 2007 WMA For The World's Best Selling Pop Rock Female Artist AVRIL
___ Kalanick, now-ousted C.E.O. and co-founder of Uber TRAVIS
___ Home 2009 song co-written and sung by Carrie Underwood from her third studio album Play On TEMPORARY
___ Gunderson character on The Simpsons GIL
___ Got You Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra classic) IVE
___ filter (auto part under the hood) OIL
___ Downey Jr., actor from "Tropic Thunder" who played Dr. John in the 2020 movie "Dolittle" ROBERT
___ Das, Indian comedian of "Abroad Understanding" VIR
___ Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? WHOSE
___ B. Wells, co-founder of the N.A.A.C.P. IDA
___ and secure (under protection) SAFE
___ And Clear (easily Understandable) LOUD
__ Upton, co-founder of the U.K.'s Raspberry Pi Foundation EBEN
You'll understand when you're ___ (parent's comment) OLDER
You may hold yours underwater BREATH
Yielded under pressure, ... in CAVED

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