"What ___ the odds?" crossword clue

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Crossword clues for "What ___ the odds?"

Clue Answer
"What ___ the odds?" ARE
Zellweger of "What/If" RENEE
Young Frankenstein character who asks "What hump?" IGOR
Words before and after "what" ITIS
Word in a "What's done is done" proverb SPILT
Who asks "What can I help you with?" NYT SIRI
When tripled, "What have we here ..." WELL
Uninformative response to "What's new?" NOTMUCH
Taunt by saying "What are you, a chicken?" GOAD
Spanish greeting equivalent to "What's up?" QUEPASA
Sound that might mean "what a relief" or "what a shame" SIGH
Screening agency with a "What Can I Bring?" section on its website (Abbr.) TSA
Respond to a bartender's "What'll you have?" in a way? UTTERSCOTCH
Ref. whose recent updates include "chillax" and "whatev" OED
Q: "What did Delaware?" A: "I dunno, ___" ALASKA
Pronoun aptly hidden in "what's her name" SHE
Politician with the memoirs "Hard Choices" and "What Happened" CLINTON
Neapolitan song whose first line translates to "What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!" OSOLEMIO
Movie character who asks "What is the Matrix?" NEO
Longtime "What's My Line?" panelist Francis ARLENE
Informal "What if ..." SPOSE
Edwin Starr asked, "What is it good for?" WAR
Driver's "What are you thinking?!" HONK
Answer to the riddle "What stays in one corner but travels around the world?" STAMP
Answer to the riddle "What cheese is made backward?" EDAM
Answer to the joke: "What has lots of bark, but no bite?" ATREE

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