Uses a pogo stick crossword clue

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Crossword clues for Uses a pogo stick

Clue Answer
Uses a pogo stick HOPS
___truction of natural habitats causes animal extinction DES
___ the pot (causes drama) STIRS
__ woman wishes to be no one's enemy (and) ... refuses to be anyone's victim: Angelou AWISE
[[IMAGE]](Weapon that causes temporary paralysis) TASER
Worse as excuses go LAMER
Word a first mate uses to agree with the captain AYE
Willy Wonka uses one for walking CANE
Where buses let off passengers STOPS
When some Tauruses are born (abbr.) APR
What warthogs and walruses both have TUSKS
What the first of the Three Little Pigs' houses was made of STRAW
What He uses to produce rain? THELORDSSPRAYER
What causes Pinocchio's nose to grow LYING
What a fish uses to steer through the water FIN
What a dog uses to "shake" PAW
Warm spell that causes melting THAW
Video game controller that uses gesture recognition WIIMOTE
Vehicle that uses 1-Across AUTO
Vegetable cooker that uses no oil STEAMER
Uses up completely EXHAUSTS
Uses TurboTax, say EFILES
Uses the wheel STEERS
Uses the oven Roasts
Uses the eyes Sees
Uses sponge (4,2) MOPSUP

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